Couple's Getaway

  • We see ourselves as a “come-alongside” ministry team. Amidst all the stresses and pressures of ministry, those who care for others need to be cared for too.

  • Since everyone who comes here has different needs and desires, we want to tailor our schedules and ministry to serve you in the best possible way. There is no predetermined itinerary or curriculum.

  • We assume that your greatest need is simply to rest and be refreshed by the Lord in a scenic and peaceful setting, so we are eager to provide just such a place and create such an atmosphere in either of our homes.

  • We have a philosophy of non-intrusive availability.* As our schedules allow and your situation warrants, we are available at your request to listen, pray, share, advise or simply fellowship.

  • We are blessed to be able to offer our services free of charge to ministry couples.

2017 Beach Bird.png

It is vital for pastors, missionaries, and their spouses to be refreshed in order to maintain an effective ministry and avoid burnout.  Without it, they can become discouraged, vulnerable to sin, and lose critical focus and direction in their families and ministries.  We want to encourage ministry leaders to step back from the pressing matters of ministry and find rest, gain new perspective, and be refreshed.

Following Jesus' example in Matthew 14:22-23, ministers should seek out a scenic place of solitude and rest from time to time.  We would love to help provide that place for you.

*Adopted from our friends and mentors Dave and Peggy Jones of Teammates in Ministry